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Ceramics Classes in Shek Kip Mei


Embedded in the most artistic environment of Jockey Club Creative Art Centre (JCCAC) in Shek Kip Mei, Louis SK ArtStudio is now offering workshop and regular classes for YOU to experience the fun of ceramic creation.





Ceramics Sculpting Workshop 陶藝雕塑工作坊 - this 2-lesson course let you experiencing the fun of turning a lump of clay in your hands into an artwork of you own – for own leisure or as a gift to your dear friends.

陶藝雕塑工作坊 - 讓你親身體驗一塊泥巴怎樣在你掌中變成一件個人藝術品,作自用欣賞或送贈好友。


Blue & White Painting Workshop 青花瓷工作坊


Regular weekly ceramic sculpting class 恆常陶藝雕塑班  teaches you step-by-step knowledge of pottery making, and guide you through the way of creating your artwork with your own hands.

恆常陶藝雕塑班 - 按步學習制陶技巧,導師示範及在學員創作過程中從旁指導,令學員輕鬆完成作品。



Special Topic Classes are offered from time to time.

特別主題班 - 不時推出。


* Class Time is negotiatable - If our class schedule does not fit your time, you can choose your own time-slot if you have a group of 3 persons and above, just contact us for arrangement.

*上課時間可商議 - 如果我們的上課時間不適合你, 只要有不少於三位學員,可與我們聯絡作特別時間安排。


** Corporate and Private classes can be arranged. Please contact us at email:



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