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Louis Sai keung Lo


簡歷  About Me


盧世強,陶藝雕塑家,自少年時跟隨石灣陶藝家何秉聰先生修習陶藝雕塑, 人物和人像雕塑成為他多年來的主要創作主題. 2006至2009年間赴紐約著名藝術玻璃工作室研習玻璃鑄造技術作為另類雕塑媒介。2010年回港, 進一步探索傳統陶瓷技法與當代雕塑藝術的關係而於2013年修畢澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學之藝術文學士(主修陶瓷) 課程。 同年開設工作室作全職陶塑藝術創作和教育工作,並積極參與不同聯展及個展。近年作品主要反映今天人類社會的現象。


Louis Sai-keung Lo, ceramics artist and sculptor,  practiced Shiwan ceramic sculpting in early years and had been focused in portrait and human figure sculpting since 1970s.


During 2006-2009, Louis travelled to New York to study glass art casting techniques in renowned glass studios as an additional medium for sculpting. Returned to Hong Kong in 2010, Louis completed the BAFA programme (major in ceramics) offered jointly by RMIT Australia and HK Art School with an objective to merging traditional ceramics techniques with contemporary sculptural art concepts.


Louis worked as a full-time ceramics artist and tutor. He actively participated in many group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions. His latest works reflect the phenomenon of people in modern world.







Art Education

2013       Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art),

                RMIT University, Australia

2013       Italian Sculpture Master Class by       

               Franco Anzelmo, Hong Kong Art

               School, Hong Kong

2010       Practiced DiFiore's technique with

               glass artist Miriam Di Fiore,              

               Mornico Losana, Italy

2006 – 2007  

               Urban Glass, Brooklyn, New York.

               The Studio, Corning Museum of

               Glass, New York.

1973 - 1980s   

               Practiced ceramics with “Shiwan

               Ceramics” artist Mr. Ho Ping-chung


Solo Exhibition

12/2016 Dialogue

                JCCAC, H.K.

12/2015 Touch - Inner Sense

                JCCAC, H.K.

Group Exhibition

9/2021   Pure Land - A group exhibition under the

               theme Pure Land in Buddhism related to

               Dunhuang Arts

               Galerija Cedomir Krstic,


5/2021 - 6/2021

               Symphony Six - The 6th Joint Exhibition of   

               White Box Friends

               PMQ, Central, H.K.

3/2020 - 5/2020



               MTR Central Station, H.K.

12/2019 - 1/2020

               On Earth

               JCCAC, H.K.

2/2019   Touched by Romance

               Touch Ceramics, Central, H.K.

13/12/2018 - 13/1/2019

               Factory Forward - JCCAC Art Festival 2018

                JCCAC, H.K.

6-8/12/2018   DesignInspire 2018

               HK Convention Centre, H.K.

5/2018 - 7/2018

               The Charismatic Rebirth of Yore

               Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

9/2016 - 2/2017

               Fashion+Paper, Scissors & Rock

               HK Heritage Museum, H.K.

3/2016 - 4/2016


               Arttube, MTR Central Station, H.K.

10/2014 Fine Art Asia 2014

               Hong Kong Convention Centre.

7/2014   Studio Glass Hong Kong Opening

               Exhibition, JCCAC, H.K.

4/2014   A Heritage into the Future – Hong

               Kong Ceramics – Wun Yiu,

               Unit Gallery, JCCAC, H.K.

1/2014   Clay-In-Clay 2014

               HK Visual Art Centre, H.K.

1/2013   The Wall.

               HKAS Gallery, HK Arts Centre, H.K.


Media Interview

5/2019  JCCAC Newsletter Coverpage

3/2019   Geometric Image Global Media

1/2019   H.K. Economic Times


2014      Artworks - Wun Yiu Series -

              Satisfaction and Expectation:

              - Tai Kung Pao 24.04.2014. P.A21

              - Eat and Travel Weekly Issue 978.


              - MetroPop Issue 401. P.112-113

              - Phoenix TV – Speak Out Hong Kong



Latest Private Collections:

               - Wun Yiu Series – Satisfaction (I) (II) (III)

               - Wun Yiu Series – Expectation

               - Contentment


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