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Summer Workshop – Lovely Pets/Animals

暑期陶塑工作坊 - 寵物/動物


Different from the making of functional wares such as cup, bowl or vase, animal sculpturing is a special topic amongst pottery makings. In this workshop, your tutor will demonstrate various ways to make this happen, Starting with basic techniques, participants will be guided how to transform a piece of clay into a lovely animal sculpture.

Basic hand-build pottery techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slap building will be taught. Use of tools, application of various types of glaze will be introduced.  .







Total 2 lessons / 4 hours per lesson totalling 8 hours

Each class accepts 3 to 6 participants 




Course fee 費用 $ 780

(inclusive of firing and material fee 燒制及材料費)


Dates 課堂日子 :

Workshop 1 > 20/8 - 21/8/2016 (Sat. and Sun.) (2:00pm - 6:00pm) FULL!

Workshop 2 > 27/8 - 28/8/2016 (Sat. and Sun.) (2:00pm - 6:00pm) FULL!


** New class dates to be announced **


Enrollment: Please fill in form below and press [Send] button. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent to you within 4 days from receiving your application.

報名: 請填寫下面的表格, 然後接 [Send] 鍵。上課確認書會在報名後四天內發出給學員。












































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